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Individual reports of ALL Dakota Step scores, the school's assessment results, and the state and school report card information has been sent home. Complete copies of all reports are on file at the superintendent's office. If anyone would like a more in-depth look or have any questions about any of the reports, contact Principal Brad Preheim (brad.preheim@k12.sd.us) or CEO Burnell Glanzer (burnell.glanzer@k12.sd.us) via email or at (605) 724-2153. 

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Parents check out your k-8th studentsí progress on Renaissance Home Connect!!!  

Look under Student informational and click on Renaissance Home Connect. Your student should know his or her login and password. If they forgot, please contact their teacher and it will be provided to you.

You can look at their book shelf and see individual books they have read. Click on the book and you can view how they did on that Accelerated Quiz. Some books also have a vocabulary quiz and you can view words your student has struggled with. If they take another vocabulary quiz the words missed on a previous quiz will be reviewed again.  

Your students Accelerated Math score will also be available. Your students can work on Math Facts in a Flash at home anytime. (Even this summer) Reviewing these skills we keep your student on the path to success.